XNET Pro Mini Pen Tattoo Machine


XNET Mini Tattoo Pen

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Working voltage: 6-8V
Max speed: 9v-12000RPM
Stroke length: 4mm

1. New style faceplate structure, 1V start, low voltage work, strong stability;
2. Built-in core-less flat motor, full power, large torque, stable output, low sound, no heat;
3. Pure copper RCA interface, durable and wear-resistant, will not be deformed after long-term use;
4. CNC integrated precision carving process, exquisite appearance, fine color, no rough workmanship, no burrs, small gaps between accessories, wear resistance and long service life;
4. The main part is equipped with an adjustable steel ball for positioning, which makes the adjustment of the needle more precise, the click-click-click rotation sound is crisp, durable and wear-resistant, and completely solves the problem of traditional rubber bands that are easy to break;
5. The card needle port adopts the standard Cheyenne size, and most of the integrated needles on the market can be used;
6. 6 finely carved vertical lines on the handshake part, anti-skid design, suitable for long-term tattoos, sweating and not slippery, and not tired after long-term use;



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