Wireless Tattoo Pen with Battery Pack Model #2189




Product Variations: 

  • Wireless Pen:  Tattoo pen with battery * 1 pieces,  USB cable *1piece
  • Wireless Pen+ RCA: Tattoo pen with battery * 1 piece,  USB cable *1piece,  RCA adaptor * 1piece
  • Wireless Pen+ RCA+1 more battery: Tattoo pen with battery * 1 pieces,  USB cable *1piece, RCA adaptor * 1piece, Battery * 1 piece


Shipping notes:

Lithium battery is restricted item by the customs office, we might change the shipping option without notifying you sometimes. 


Battery capacity: 1800mAh

Working voltage 5~12V

Battery voltage settings: 0.5V resolution.  12 voltage settings.

Voltage adjustment resolution: 1v (each time you press the +/- button, voltage goes up or down 0.5V)

The battery pack on the pen is removable. You can replace it with RCA jack and use a power supply as well.


Instructions for use:
The device is a tattoo pen with a built-in lithium battery, which can be used directly without foot pedals and hooks. It consists of two parts: 1. upper half lithium battery power supply 2. lower half tattoo pen; the middle part can be unscrewed to replace the upper half lithium battery , The specific functions are as follows:
1. Turn on: Long press the middle O button for 5 seconds to turn on, and then long press for 5 seconds to turn off;
2. Suspend: Short press O key during normal work to suspend work, then press again to resume work;
3. Adjust the voltage: press the + or-key to adjust the gear, the corresponding 1-8 gear represents 5-12V respectively;
4. Battery display: It is displayed on the LCD screen, it is full of 4 grids, and it needs to be charged when there is 1 grid remaining;
5. Daily charging: external charging port, use the USB cable to charge;
6. Lithium battery warranty: one year warranty, the upper half of the lithium battery can be purchased separately for replacement;


Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg

Wireless Pen, Wireless Pen + RCA, Wireless Pen+RCA+1 more battery, Replacement Battery


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