Wireless Tattoo Battery Power Pack #PS3262

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Tattoo battery pack #PS3262

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RCA and DC maybe in black or red. We ship randomly.

NOT for any Cheyenne tattoo machines. Click here to buy battery for Cheyenne


Net weight: 66 grams (2.3oz)

Material made from aluminum alloy (We can engrave logo on the body. Minimum quantity is 10pcs)

Battery life (estimated) 3~4 hours under 8V, different tattoo machines may vary

Charging type: Quick charge – 1~1.5 Hours to fully charge



– Press and hold the O button for a few seconds to turn on

– 8 different voltage settings. 5~12V. Voltage resolution is 1V

– Small lcd screen display the remaining capacity

-USB cable included

*The number on the screen is NOT voltage.  Number 1-8 stands for 5-12Volts:

Number 1:  5V
Number 2:  6V
Number 3:  7V
Number 4:  8V
Number 5:  9V
Number 6:  10V
Number 7:  11V
Number 8:  12V


Packing List

Battery * 1 piece

USB cable * 1 piece

Additional information

Weight 0.22 kg



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