Rechargeable Battery Cartridge Tattoo Grip for RCA Tattoo Machine

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Battery Cartridge Tattoo Grip

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This tattoo grip (for cartridges only) allows you to work continuously up to 4 hours after fully charged. No need battery, no need power supply. Simply set it up and connect to to a rotary machine. You’re ready to go. For RCA tattoo machines only.


Battery capacity: 1600mA (milliamps)

Operating voltage: 5-12V;

Charging time: fast charge, no power state 1.5-2 hours can be filled

Battery life: the output current is 2.0A, in the normal 8V voltage operation, continuous use of more than 4 hours, voltage stability, intermittent use can be about 5-6 hours

Start voltage: memory mode, after start-up to restore the last time the voltage was switched off

Suitable for all Cheyenne type tattoo cartridge needles on the market

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