Professional X6 Rechargeable Wireless Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine with 2 Battery Packs


X6 Tattoo Pen


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Basic Operation

Press the button to switch between different speeds. 6 Motor speed settings: 5000rpm, 6000rpm, 7000rpm, 8000rpm, 9000rpm, 10000rpm, 11000rpm, 120000rpm. Different color indicator for different speed. Press the small button on the end of the tattoo pen to switch.

Smart control pen tray. The machine stops running when it is put on the pen tray, the machine starts running when you pick it up from the pen tray. (when the tattoo machine is not turned off)


No More Cable Power Supply ! No more Clip Cord and Foot Pedal! This new X6 Wireless Rechargeable Cartridges needles Rotary Pen Machine can do it all without it. Voltage Adjustment- Starts at 5000RPM at a total of 8 settings, Battery- Machine comes with 2 battery packs. It takes approx. 40 minutes to fully charge. At full charge, the battery can be used between 3-5 hours. When battery running out just take off the battery, slide the battery away from the pen and simply plug in the correct cord into the machine and connect it with the USB wall charger and keep tattooing. Adjust your needle depth simply twisting the front part of the pen it can adjust 4mm needle depth. This machine comes with the Machine Holder when you take a rest or answer your cell phone just place your machine on the holder while it is running, once placed on the holder, the machine will pause. Once you pick up the machine again, it will resume to running as your per set. The pen will shut off automatically after placing on holder for over 5 minutes.



Packing List

Wireless Tattoo Pen

Smart Tattoo Pen Tray

USB Power Adaptor

USB-DC Cable

USB charging cable

2 battery included

Shipping Notice:

Battery inside. Due to shipping company battery shipping restriction policy, we might change the shipping method after you place the order, regardless of the shipping method you choose.


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