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Professional Token Tattoo Power Supply

One of the most advanced tattoo power supplies on the market.

Basic Specs

  • Meticulously wooden crafted power supply body
  • Overcurrent, over-voltage, cutting-out, lightning protection
  • Dual output quick switch by a single knob
  • F/V 2 modes switch. (you can adjust the frequency for coil tattoo machines)
  • 3A Strong power output
  • Timer function (T1/T2 dual timer)
  • Maintain mode for the foot pedal
  • Footswitch and Footswitch Free mode
  • Hand Hover to switch ON/OFF  (you can also use the normal switch)


S1 knob is used to select & confirm

S2 knob is used for adjusting

  • Each output can be set as Voltage mode or Frequency mode (On the main menu, select OUT to change the setting)
  • To adjust the voltage or frequency.  (Main menu – select F/V to adjust)
  • Timer function: Main menu – Tim (You can set 2 timers at the same time,  to clear the timers, Use S1 knob to select C1 or C2, press and hold for 3 seconds to clear)
  • Footswitch maintain mode: Main menu – JTK,   Display: point – Normal mode / seri – Maintain mode

Frequency Adjustment / Voltage adjustment

F stands for frequency, D stands for hitting strength.  V stands for Voltage.

You can set up 3 different frequency or strength settings, below 2 settings are memory mode which you can save for next time use.



This power supply is more complicated than most power supplies on the market, if you have questions please Email us at info@onlytattoosupply or Message us via WhatsApp.





Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg

Standard, with Hover-over Switch


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