Pen Type Wireless Tattoo Machine with Batteries and USB Charger #TM2247




Packing list

– Wireless tattoo machine pen * 1 piece
– Battery charger * 1 piece
– 1200mAh battery * 1 piece


Weight: 208.6g
Size: 132*32mm
Stroke length: 4.0mm
Output Voltage: 4V-12V 1A
Battery Capacity: 2200MAH
Working Time: 8-12hours
Charging Time: 6hours (total)


1. Press”POWER BUTTON”Twice to change interface
2. How to set the charging amount interface:
Press the buttons “+”and”-” simultaneously for 2 seconds to enter the charge setting interface. After entering the interface, the numbers will flash separately. Press”+”&”-“to adjust 1-9.
Press the power key lightly to convert the required values and currency selection
Press and hold the “POWER BUTTON”to save the settings, and start timing and billing
Notice: The current data will be automatically saved when the machine is switched on and off and the battery is replaced. At the same time, press the power button and the “-“for a long time to clear the data


Turn on/off: long press for 3 seconds to turn on/off
Strat/stop: short press to start/stop
Display change: press “Power” twice to change
(Notice: Please take out the battery when you don’t start the machine for a long time. If the battery is not
taken out, the battery may run out. Please charge it for 4-6 hours. Voltage regulation: press the button+
to increase, the to decrease in output state(4-12v adjustable, 0. 2V for each adjustment)
e Voltage regulation: press the button “+”to increase, the”-“to decrease in output state(4-12v adjustble, 0. 2V for each adjustment
Power less than 10%: power display to flashing alarm


Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg

Black, Gray


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