HELLO Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit Rotary Battery Tattoo Pen #TM2239




– Wireless Tattoo Pen
– 2 Battery Packs
– RCA adaptor (connect tattoo power supply)
– USB-C charger cable
– Tool kit
– Packaging bag


Stroke Length: 4mm
Color: Black/Red(More colors are still in production)
Operating Voltage: 5-12 V
Battery capacity: 1950 mAh
Battery working time: 6-7 hours

Equipped with a super powerful coreless type motor

This machine is perfect for fine lines, smooth black grey, realistic color, traditional style tattoo work and more, it’s a truly versatile tattoo machine that can meet all your requirement for doing tattoo.

This allows artists to work over 12 hours without worrying about empty power packs or power black outs.
38mm and 42mm grip makes you more comfortable at work.

Battery part key features: Display in which you can view all your parameters such as voltage, Remaining battery reminder.
Working hours: battery working 6-7 hours
Voltage adjustment range: 5-12V
Adjust output voltage: Press the “+” or”-” key to adjust output voltage. The voltage can be adjusted through button (+) and (-) respectively with the voltage of 0.1, Long press is 0.5 adjustment on each press.
Charging time 2 hours. Battery charging port is USB-C
2 batteries can keep you working over 10 hours. Even the battery runs out, you can still put on the RCA adaptor and work with a traditional power supply

The motor of this machine has excellent performance for color packing, which can improve your work efficiency
Recommended lining work voltage:8-9v
Recommended shading work voltage:6-7.5v

At the same time, this customized motor will cause less damage to your customer’s skin than other machines, which will make you win a good reputation.

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