Ambition Tattoo Cartridge Needles Magnums Round Liners RM M1 RS RL


Premium Cartridges Curved Magnums

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How to Choose the Size. 

Start with number 12:  Needle diameter is 0.35mm,  10: 0.30mm, 08: 0.25mm

e.g. 1203RL=3RL, 0.35mm,  0815RM= 15RM, 0.25mm


1. Safety membrane inside system.

2. Light clear colors tip body – better visibility.

3. Low profile housing & better ink flow & shaped on the inside.

4. Exact fit for needle groups every time.

5. Smooth edges eliminate additional trauma.

–Compatible with ALL Cheyenne types cartridge system machines and grips.

–100% EO Gas Sterilized and individually packaged.

–Needles made of 316 medical grade stainless steel.

–Medical grade plastic tips.

–20 pcs Needles per box.

Available needles size : (RL)1201RL/1203RL/1205RL/1207RL/1209RL/12011RL/12013RL use for Liner

(RS)1205RS/1207RS/1209RS/12011RS/12013RS/12015RS use for Shader

(straight)1205M1/1207M1/1209M1/12011M1/12013M1/12015M1 use for Shader

(RM)1207MC/1209MC/12011MC/12013MC/12015MC use for Shader

Additional information

Weight 0.18 kg
Needle groupings

0801RL, 0803RL, 0805RL, 1001RL, 1003RL, 1005RL, 1007RL, 1009RL, 1011RL, 1014RL, 1203RS, 1205RS, 1207RS, 1209RS, 1211RS, 1214RS, 1205m1, 1207m1, 1209m1, 1211m1, 1215m1, 1217m1, 1223m1, 1205RM, 1207RM, 1209RM, 1211RM, 1213RM, 1215RM, 1217RM, 1219RM, 1221RM, 1223RM


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